van is dead-set on proving, after 20 years, that fraudster father Eddie R. Lawson, however unreliable a crook, will come trough with the brothers' savings. Divya makes him consider that misplaced loyalty isn't worth risking all too perfect Hank's for. Meanwhile Evan got HankMed a new celebrity client, Spencer Fisher, the king of spastic commercials, who now keeps getting himself stuck embarrassingly in the grand home inherited from his father, a brilliant but eccentric inventor, while trying to demolish his 'panic room'. Supplies from it are donated to the hospital, where Jill is under attack from a selfish doctor on the board who wants to dump an administrator whose only priorities are patient care and Hank. Boris's trust in Hank is stretched to the very limit when his still neglected medical history is 'misplaced', but Hank promises what no specialist could.

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