ow Hank finally acknowledges Evan's brilliant contribution on the business side, the brothers agree to team up again in HankMed 3.0, with Ken Keller as 'silent' partner, who still needs to grasp that adjective. Its first staff meeting going ape, Evan decides to limit those to the brothers and Divya, whose shares are vote-neutralized. Hank treats a match-maker and a shot intruder in Boris's castle. Later, father Eddie reports the cloak and dagger events with fake 'mover trucks' on that evening and the intruder's mysterious removal scare Evan and irritate Hank enough to demand the truth, an attempt at Boris's life due to his greedy family feud. Only after Evan realizes that Paige's obsessive need to be around and help as perfect host requires his full attention, justified as she admits having been fired because the London director only hired her as stage artist out of 'couch casting' interest.

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