ix days have now passed since the the Destiny has lost contact with Earth and they have no idea whether Washington D.C. was destroyed. They're running tests round the clock to try and re-establish communications using the stones and when Chloe's turn comes up, a new consciousness appears in her body - that of Ginn, who everyone thought had died along with Amanda Perry when she was killed by a member of the Lucian Alliance. No one is quite sure what or how it's happened but it soon becomes apparent that Ginn's consciousness will have to somehow be harnessed or there will be a major risk to Chloe. Eli is thrilled at being able to spend some time with Ginn but is worried that he will again lose her. TJ meanwhile determines that Volker is suffering from advance kidney disease and needs a transplant immediately. A suitable donor is found but TJ isn't sure she can perform the operation.

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