is eyes bandaged after a hospital operation Bill Masen misses the solar showers which blind much of the world's population and free the Triffids, carnivorous stinging plants used as a fuel source, giving them mobility. On the panic-stricken streets of London he rescues Jo Playdon, a radio presenter who missed the showers when she was in an underground crash, from being used as a human guide dog and they search for her father, only to find Triffids have killed him. Following an emergency radio broadcast with Jo in which Bill spells out the danger of the Triffids, they travel to find Dennis, Bill's dad, and,like his son, a Triffid expert.Years earlier,Bill's mother was killed by a Triffid when she and her husband were researching the creatures in Africa.A meeting with a skeleton government yields nothing but the couple fall in with the altruistic military man Coker, who is rounding up survivors to combat the Triffids. His group includes self-seeking Torrence, who wants to become leader and, having seen Bill and Coker survive a Triffid attack, he tells Jo they are both dead, moving her and others to London, his 'capital'.

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