licia represents James Paisley who is in the process of competing a $3.2 billion merger. He is also being sued by the former CFO who claims he was fired because he was gay. Louis Canning agrees to a $140,000 settlement but decides to go to court after Paisley suggests in a TV interview that the 1% are being victimized and are like the Jews in Nazi Germany. His first try at apologizing only puts him into a deeper hole. A third attempt, by Alicia, blows up in her face as well. At LG meanwhile, Diane is working with Rayna Hecht on a major class-action lawsuit and she's certain that Louis Canning is up to no good. In fact, he's trying to recruit the company they're suing as potential clients. Peter Florrick meanwhile hesitates to pursue his endorsement of Finn Polmar after James Castro suggests that Finn and Alicia are lovers.

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