ara, sensing that she's losing control of her other personalities, checks herself into a mental hospital for treatment where her new in-clinic doctor, Dr. Holden, a charismatic expert, pushes her to look into her repressed memories to get at the root of her mental state. Max is also forced to stay at the facility which has a group therapy session for significant others too, but he's wary about opening up his feelings. As Dr. Holden tries to push Tara to remember her past, her other alters, for the first time ever, refuse to emerge at any given time to allow the truth about Tara's past to surface. Back home, Charamine looks after Kate and Marshall while their parents are aware and she invites her new boyfriend over for dinner. Also, Kate isn't making much progress in her sexual harassment complaint against Gene, while an angry and alienated Marshall begins drowning his sorrows with xanax pills.

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