fter a shooting in a pub where the Kray brothers killed rival George Cornell a witness names Jimmy Kray,one of two twin brothers born to Angie Brooks thanks to Ronnie Kray's donated sperm. However,as he has an identical twin Johnny the witness cannot be certain as to the true killer. Whilst Serious Crimes Squad boss Cazenove thinks the twins are fakes,purely seeking reflected glory and not killers, Chandler believes they are trying to unite all the East End gangsters in a federation,as their father and uncle tried to do. All the team are threatened,their one witness intimidated and their office ransacked. Buchan suggests Chandler try to play the brothers off against each other so,,through his informant Cheshire,he sets up a meeting with Johnny,the less vicious twin. However both brothers arrive and try to kill Chandler and Miles,betrayed by Miles' former right hand man Fitzgerald.

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