arried to Carmel with three children, plumber Willy Houlihan is all set to leave his family for his girl-friend Michelle when his daughter Laura announces her forthcoming wedding. Though Laura's in-laws are well off,as a point of pride Willy is determined to pay for the reception but,when a client goes bust and the cheque he paid Willy bounces,Willy finds himself with no funds. Then he finds twenty thousand pounds in the back of a taxi and doubles it at the casino before returning the original sum next day,only to learn that the owners of the money beat up and killed the taxi driver. The taxi firm's receptionist is hostile and,when the police tell Willy the notes are counterfeit and accuse him of forgery,she refuses to recognise him. Taken to court he is doubly punished as his Not Guilty plea is rejected and Carmel finds out about Michelle.

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