rrius presents Judah to the duplicitous emperor Tiberias who pits him against a Thracian wrestler,Judah winning. Arrius dies,leaving Judah his estates and Judah returns to Jerusalem,buying his old house,which has become derelict, from governor Pilate. He locates Simonides and Esther,whom David is trying to force to marry him and Judah kills David after he has attacked him from behind, Initiallly Esther does not believe how Judah attained his good fortune and assumes he was protected by Messala all along but Simonides realises the truth and convinces her. Esther takes food to lepers,outcasts from the city,and and finds they number Ruth and Tirzah,who swear her not to tell Judah of their plight. Marcellus,his mistress Athene and Messala return to Jerusalem of which Messala is tipped to be the next governor. Games are due to take place and Judah convinces stable owner Sheikh Ilderim to be his charioteer in a race whose contestants also include Messala. Messala disposes of the other charioteers but is ultimately mortally wounded. Judah is satisfied that he has his revenge but Esther,impressed by the teachings of Jesus,persuades Judah to visit the dying Messala and grant forgiveness. Judah helps Jesus on his way to Calvary and Jesus cures Ruth and Tirzah of their leprosy. Athene poisons Marcellus and Judah and Esther marry at last.

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