hen a bank is being robbed, an off duty cop who's there pulls his gun on the robber but the man has an accomplice who pulls a gun on the cop and they take the cop's gun. And they accidentally shoot someone. Danny investigates and the cop is worried how this will affect him. Danny promises to get his gun back. But Danny learns the FBI is also looking for the robber and he doesn't want to work with them. Erin is trying to get a woman who was sexually assaulted to testify but when a blogger who thinks that Frank is trying to turn the city into a police state, takes her picture she freaks out and Erin is worried if she will still testify. Erin sees the blogger's site and sees that in addition to pictures of her and Jamie, there's also some pictures of Frank socializing with a woman Erin knows and is her age. So she asks Frank what's going on between them and tells him that she disapproves but he tells her it's none of her concern.

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