hen a man is shot in broad daylight, Danny investigates and learns the man had no enemies or reason for someone to kill him. But another person is later killed and there appears to be no connection between the two victims. He later learns that the second victim got away with murder so he thinks someone is trying to get payback. Erin takes him to the D.A. who prosecuted the second victim, the man's irate about the victim because he feels she should have been convicted. And when a third person is killed, Erin figures out what the link is. Jamie finds a boy wandering the streets with blood on his clothes. He takes him back to his parents and can't help but wonder if there's anything wrong at their home. An astronaut who just retired, who's also a friend of Frank's comes to the New York. They meet and the man drinks very heavily and he talks about his family. But Frank learns the things he said about his family is not true and tries to help him.

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