rin and Nicky are eating breakfast and they notice a girl. Later they see she left a note at the table asking for help. So Erin calls Danny and he's hesitant to look into it. But when he learns that the person the girl was with is not her parent he talks to her mother who denies that her daughter is missing. But when he and his partner talk to the parents at a diner, they admit she was kidnapped by a man who wants them to help bring some people from Croatia into the country. But they say that Customs wouldn't allow them to enter so now they don't know what to do. Jamie and Edit are assigned to keep an eye out for someone robbing jewelry stores so they wait. But a man enters who wants to return an item and wants a refund but the owners don't give it. He freaks out and the guard tries to ask him to leave but he grabs the guard's gun and demands his refund. Jamie tries to talk to him. Frank learns that the department chaplain has been arrested for drinking and driving, and it wasn't his first time. He talks to him telling him he needs to get his act together. But Garrett does some checking on his own and reveals something Frank was not aware of.

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