anny and Baez are helping the DEA transport a lot of drugs that were confiscated. They're attacked and Baez is shot and the attackers make off with the truck along with a DEA agent. Danny tries to find them and feels responsible for Baez getting shot. When the truck is found, the drugs are gone and the agent is dead. They go over the truck and find some prints and identify them as that of Baez's brother. They question him and says he's not involved. He says he works for the DEA as an informant and that the ones who attacked them knew the route which means someone from their side gave them the info. Jamie and Jenko respond to a domestic disturbance call and when the one making the disturbance attacks Jenko, Jamie steps in to help her and is very aggressive. Later Renzutti asks Jamie if he reacted the way he did because he has feelings for Jenko cause if he does, he needs a new partner. And when a lieutenant was dealing with an obviously mentally disturbed man, he tries to calm him down but the man continues with his rant and the Lieutenant tries something that ends with the man getting killed. That's when the Mayor thinks of hanging the Lieutenant out to dry but Frank doesn't agree with him. He tells Frank not to have any contact with the man till the matter is settled. Later Gormley goes to see Frank and says he knows the Lieutenant and tries to speak up for the man but Frank says he can't get involved which makes Gormley react in what could construed, a disrespectful manner.

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