amie comes across a woman who appears to be in fear for her life. He talks to her and she says her ex is threatening her. He gives her his card and offers to help but she leaves. Later Danny is called to the hospital when a woman who was beaten is brought in. It's the same one Jamie spoke to and she says she tried to stand up to her and ex and even told him she has a cop who will help, he didn't back down and she says he will go after the cop. Danny finds out it's Jamie. Danny tries to get him to stay off the streets till they find the ex. Jamie refuses to. Henry while attending a function is asked by a friend about the threat on Jamie and Henry goes off how he would deal with it if he was still commissioner. What he doesn't know someone recorded it and placed it on the web which causes problems for Frank. Danny finds the ex but he denies doing anything. While Jamie's on patrol someone sets fire to the car and he barely gets out. Danny's determined to get the guy. And Erin learns that Nicky might not be accepted into college because of what she's posting on her social network.

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