alder's superior Deputy DCI Joseph Nichols hints that not suspending Auggie for covering up Annie's heart condition can cost Miochaels his own job, so Auggie is suspended. Annie, having noticed Roger's presumed murderer Allen Langer in McQuadi's apartment while paying a friendly visit, now suspects him and applies for a job, which he eagerly grants. Auggie helps her copy his computer files, notably concerning a top-secret black ops elite team Flint, which McQuaid later tells her about as well as Boaz's long employment, seemingly spontaneously while seeking a romantic relationship. The trail leads to a secret basement, which was used to practice the Chicago bombing, which Arthur is shown, after McQaid's deputy Caitlyn Cook, who suspiciously followed Annie, helped fight off two henchmen. Allen Langer being found on Flint's payroll, Annie 'arrests' McQuaid, but is tempted to believe he may be set up.

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