hen Roy Parrish, a man who has been convicted twice, has been found guilty of murder, escapes. Steve and Danny show up at the courthouse and they head out and find Parrish in the car and he tells them to drive and they get him pass a checkpoint. Chin and Kono go to see his daughter who has written him off. They see he wrote to her several times but she didn't open his letters they take them. Parrish has Steve take him to the witness whose testimony convicted him. They think he's going to kill him but he claims the man lied and he wants him to admit it. Chin goes over the letters and saw that Parrish wanted his daughter to prove his innocence and on info in his letters Chin thinks he is innocent. Steve gets the gun from Parrish but instead of turning him, he promises Parrish he'll look into his allegations first.

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