teve is called to investigate the death of a couple who hired a boat to take them fishing. Steve notices that something struck the boat but doesn't know what. That's when Jerry shows up and tells Steve that he thinks that a Chinese spy satellite was what struck the boat and that maybe Chinese agents were the ones who killed the couple. But the military and intelligence all claim that it's not true. So Jerry offers Steve some info that can help. He goes to get it when a woman with a gun shows up and asks for what he has but Jerry hits her with a stun gun and calls Steve. She tells them that she's a Chinese agent and that the person he seeks is a rogue Chinese agent who plans to sell the info in the satellite which could mean trouble for the US. She offers to help but only if they bring her with them, Steve agrees but Danny is suspicious. And Steve arranges for Grover to take Danny's mother on a ride along which doesn't make Danny happy.

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