n a revolutionary mood, Sabrina starts a wide protest, but once the police arrives her followers invoke excuses one by one, even Jimmy deserts. Stubbornly provoking arrest, she lands in a prison. Her block is handled by jealous, frustrated jailer Rikki Hargrove, who feels deserted by her since their girl scouts days and seizes her chance to make Sabrina sweat. Hell-bent on preserving mayor Suzie Hellmann as Hope's sole female role model, Virginia saves the corrupt crazy bitch's bacon. As a reward, Burt extracts three wishes for the family. He squanders his on a stop sign, she hers on a cooler park for the barrio, but when Jimmy tries to use his to free Sabrina, Suzie, dumped by businessman Richard Galleria, demands a date with the cute Chance and turns on the family when politely turned down for fidelity's sake.

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