ane and Maura still aren't on speaking terms but are forced to work together when a college student, 25 year-old Rachel Lawson, is found strangled in the university's underground tunnels. She had also been renting a car every weekend for the last 20 weeks and was aware that her parents has separated. She had also spent a good deal of money on yoga in recent months. The yoga master, Sensei Matta, has recently bought 20,000 acres in Western Massachusetts and has a secret - one that lead to the death of Rachel Lawson. Meanwhile, Jane is surprised when her father knocks on her door. He has big news: he's going to be remarried - to a 28 year-old - but wants a church wedding so needs to have his marriage to Angela annulled. Tommy, who introduced his Dad to the woman, is having his own particular problems with the nuptials.

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