ndi and Pete go back to work. Andi is not happy to see Sam with someone else. She goes out with Shaw and she sees a bank being robbed. She goes in to confront the robber but he has baby. She lets him go but before leaving the robber shoots the manager. They learn that the manager placed a dye pack in the money the robber took. They think that it went off and they can find him. They find a man covered with ink. They learn the man is an ex-con. He doesn't say anything. They think they found the robber but Andi hearing him speak while being interrogated doesn't think he's the robber. So she and Shaw go back to the where they found the man and she finds something that tells them that he wasn't the robber. But the guy still doesn't talk. They think the robber was deliberately trying to kill the manager and used the robbery as a cover.

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