heres a party on Nora Lindes terrace on a beautiful summers day in July. Everyone is there to watch the finish of the Round Gotland Race. Two large yachts are heading for the finish line, and the guests are anxiously waiting to see which boat will win. Noras husband, Henrik, is at the helm on the Team Juliander boat, which ends up winning. Everybody is cheering, but the celebration comes to halt as the captain on the boat suddenly collapses, shot in the chest. Where did the shot come from? And who fired it? Crime inspector Thomas Andreasson is once again called to Sandhamn, to investigate the murder. The captain was a well-known and established lawyer, but Thomas and his colleague soon realize that behind Julianders polished façade, there are secrets and lies. Nora is happy to see Thomas again, and she gladly assists in the investigation any way she can, which irritates Henrik.

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