ady Agnes learns that she is pregnant and is over-joyed following several,unsuccessful attempts.A new maid arrives,Rachel,a Jewess fleeing persecution in Germany. Hallam must meet another refugee, the Abyssinian emperor dethroned by Mussolini and he becomes aware of the fragility of world peace. Rachel gets on particularly well with Mr. Amanjit,as fellow 'foreigners' and brings him into the staff's social circle. She also tells him that she has a child,Lotte,looked after by a minder. Lady Persie and Spargo become lovers,united in their admiration for the Fascist politics of Oswald Moseley and attend a rally in Whitechapel where Rachel and Mr. Amanjit are among the many protesters. Persie is arrested but Rachel dies and Hallam,a committed anti-Fascist,vows to care for Lotte.

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