lanche is discomforted when married authoress Portia Alresford publishes a spicy best seller, 'The Golden Blaze', a thinly disguised account of their lesbian affair. Their true identities are exposed in the press, angering Sir Hallam and dividing staff opinion. And, whilst Portia wants the affair to resume, Blanche knows that this can never be. Lady Agnes, keen to assume more child care duties, annoys Beryl by switching her job to housemaid, giving both her and kitchen maid Eunice more work to do. Beryl goes to a staff agency, the Girls' Friendly Society, whose Miss Poulson forces Lady Agnes to improve staff working conditions, making her see the folly of her ways. Lady Persie tells Hallam that she is pregnant, but all these events are over-shadowed by the German invasion of Czechoslovakia, making war a far more realistic possibility than before.

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