ith his identity fully revealed to all the filmmakers, Joo Won expects Ra Im to appreciate him better. Instead, she's repelled by him having made her world all the more difficult. Jong-soo, caring for Ra-im, visits Joo Won to ask him to leave her alone. Meanwhile, Oska gets wind of Joo Won's latest ad campaign that has him vacationing with a contest winner on a romantic cruise, but he's still in the dark about Yeun-Sul as his next video director (who uses this situation only to get close to Joo Won). Since having a protégé is trendy, Oska sends his aid to find a kid (Han Tae-sun) he saw performing in a club, but (much to Oska's fury) Tae-sun has never heard of Oska before. After much thought, Joo Won decides to next get close to Ra Im by demanding payment for taking her to the hospital and treating her to lunch, whereby he discovers her infatuation with Oska.

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