he turbulent relationship between Ra Im and Joo Won continues as Ra Im finds herself the 3rd-place winner in Joo Won's department store contest (which she never entered). As Joo Won struggles over what to make of, and what to do with, his Ra Im infatuation, his presidency of the store comes under threat when Park Bong-ho covertly uses his extended family ties within Joo Won's family to lessen Joo Won in the eyes of his influential grandfather. While Yeun Sul strategically manipulates situations to become director of Oska's video shoot, Oska makes things difficult for himself and all by skipping his own music video shoot to pursue Han Tae-sun as his protégé (of which Tae-sun wants no part). A run-in with thugs puts Oska in the police station, where Joo Won, now having him over a barrel, can spell out conditions for his release.

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