rue to form, when Oska makes a lunch date with Ra Im, Joo Won buys out the entire restaurant for the day, forcing them to be his guests if they want to eat. Their actions unwittingly infringe upon Tae-sun's meager career as the restaurant's hired performer, left to play to a nearly non-existent crowd. He still resolutely shuns Oska's offer to be his protégé, pointing out Oska's unworthiness to be anyone's mentor, and further shocking Oska by bluntly revealing he's gay. Just then, Yeun Sul "happens" upon Ra Im and Joo Won in the restaurant; Joo Won isn't fooled, and Ra Im reminds Yeun Sul of the incident with the purse snatcher where Yeun Sul had Ah Young fired for allowing Ra Im to drink coffee in the VIP lounge. Joo Won orders both to apologize (which they don't) then explains the importance of the VIP lounge to Ra Im. Joo Won and Oska, seeking resolution, compete for Ra Im with a bicycle race (with Ra Im racing as well), but Ra Im takes the wrong path. When Joo Won finds her, they stop at an eatery espied in the middle of the woods, where they acquire medicinal wines from its mysterious proprietress. Back amidst civilization, Jong Su is very displeased with Ra Im's presence on the island, but not as displeased as Oska when Oska discovers Yeun-Sul is his music video director (firing manager Dong-kyu and refusing to have anything more to do with anything). After a good night's sleep (and drinking the medicinal wines), Joo Won and Ra Im awaken, to their horror very different from the night before.

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