idan is haunted by his past, so he tries to live in the present by joining the Neighborhood Watch (NW) program. The police officer acting as the NW liaison is the son of one of Aidan's past victims. Aidan finds a subtly hostile Officer Garrity, in a bar. Eventually Officer Garrity reveals that he saw Aidan murder his (Garrity's) father. Aidan doesn't want to hurt Officer Garrity, so he tries to use his Vampire powers to make Officer Garrity forget he saw Aidan murder Garrity Sr. Sally continues to mourn the loss of Danny, so Josh and Aidan introduce her to another ghost, Tony. Tony teaches Sally how to leave the house, and gives her hints about her ghostly powers. Tony makes unwelcome advances, and Sally no longer wants to spend time with him. They have a fight, but make up later. Sally Eventually convinces Tony to go see his, still living, love, and he finds closure, which allows him to move on. After Tony moves on, Sally finds Danny and Bridget at a bar, and witnesses the growing attraction between them.

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