ob fears he is overworking the kids and giving them a miserable childhood like his father did to him, so he fires them. Bob tries to hire replacements but can't afford to pay anyone. As fate would have it, Mickey, the bank robber, has gotten out of prison and tells the Belcher's that he will work for free if they will let him live in the basement. Bob and Linda agree to this arrangement without realizing Micky's true intentions. Meanwhile, the kids are miserable without their jobs so they find work at a blueberry farm on the edge of town. What the kids do not realize is that the blueberries are just a cover for the farm's actual crop, which is marijuana. When the children's parents find out about their job it doesn't take them long to figure out that the kids are unknowingly selling weed hidden in the bottom or blueberry quarts and it's up to them, with Micky's help, to save the kids.

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