he first "North Atlantic Burger Lovers" Conference is being taken offline and held at the Indefinite Stay hotel, home of the no amenities weekend. Jen ran off to France; Teddy offers to stay with the kids for the weekend. BurgerBob is psyched to be amongst his people: Just Grillin', Beefer Sutherland, Beefgeek and a gal called Meatcute...until he realizes they hate him. They are all amateurs and they have the wrong impression of Bob because he does not know the ABCs of messaging... LMAO BIG FROWNY FACE! At home, Teddy is a big hit with Gene and Louise (yay, Uncle Teddy) but up in her room, grounded by Teddy, Tina fumes and obsesses over Jonas, the delivery boy with the hair at Reggie's Deli. When Tina sneaks out, Teddy is willing to do whatever it takes to find his temporary niece---even if it means turning himself in to the po-po ...or going to Ranger Jail.

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