egan was out with Stafford when they see a plane fall from the sky. It crashes into the power plant, blacking out the city. Megan and Tommy go the crash site. They learn from the survivors that a man went berserk and pulled out a gun and starting shooting. He shot out the windows which led to the plane depressurizing which led to the crash. Megan takes the bodies to the morgue, while Tommy tries to find the rest of the plane, Dunn goes with him. Megan learns that the man who shot the plane was the air Marshall and that he appears to have been drugged. While Tommy is driving around, he gets distracted and crashes. He manages to leave a message on Megan's phone. When she hears it, she panics. Adam offers to go out and find him, he and Kate get in the elevator to leave but suddenly the power goes out and they're stuck. Megan learns that something happened to the generator, while Curtis and Ethan go to check on it. Megan learns from the survivors who are at the morgue that one passenger was acting strangely. So she goes to check on her but her body is missing. Curtis and Ethan learn the generator was tampered with. Adam and Kate work on the elevator and open the ceiling door and find the missing body. Tommy finds the rest of the plane and some other survivors. When the power is restored, they wonder if what happened at the morgue and the crash are connected.

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