ome convicts are being transported, one of them gets out of his restraints and forces the van of the road. Some of the prisoners escape. The guard shoots one of them. Megan and Tommy arrive. Megan discovers that the prisoner who was shot is still alive. She treats him. They learn that the prisoner who escaped is a man Megan sent to prison four years ago for murder. Tommy questions the man who was shot who tells him the man who got away is not running is going to settle some old scores. They assume that he's going after the ones who sent him to prison. So Megan and Tommy find one of the men who testify against him dead from a gun shot. But Megan discovers that the man tried to help the one who was shot. Later Megan goes to her car and finds the man there but he proclaims he is innocent and wants Megan to prove it. He tells her that he was having an affair with the woman he was accused of killing. He thinks that her husband found out about them and killed her and paid the men who testified against him. Megan learns that the other witness was lying. Tommy checks it out and learns that both men were paid a great deal of money from a Cayman account. He learns that the account is the husband's. So Megan goes to Kate and tells her they have to exhume the body and go over it again. Kate is warned that the husband is powerful and that he could be a friend or enemy when it comes to her political aspirations.

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