egan's performing an autopsy on Dr. Wallace's victims and finds a bomb planted inside him. Megan then gets a call from her daughter but it's Dr. Wallace's accomplice who tells her to bring the bomb or her daughter will die. When Megan refuses the caller tells her to go somewhere and she finds the body of a girl but it's not her daughter. She learns it's Wallace's daughter which means she was being held captive to make Wallace perform those surgeries. She asks Ethan to lie about the time of death and to tell her what he finds. Megan goes to talk to the one in the hospital but he's unconscious. Tommy is there and knows Megan is lying and tells her to tell him what's going on and she does. Tommy agrees to help her. Curtis and Kate discover that Ethan lied about the time of death so perform an autopsy themselves. When Megan does to the meet, she's taken and brought to where they're holding her daughter to find just who is behind everything and what they want.

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