he bomb in Daniel Ferbé's car did not go off. Instead, the car's CD player put out a disc that contains a message from the murderer, which is also published on a website. He deplores five grievances of society, the first of which shall be highlighted by the murders. Norén traces back the website of the murderer to a server of the Danish CID and Rohde reopens the case of the second victim, a Danish prostitute who disappeared more than a year ago, and obtains her diary. Eventually Charlotte Söringer manages to get her beloved husband his heart transplant. Shortly after Göran wakes from anesthesia he suffers a relapse, but not before telling Charlotte that he wants to split up. While Rohde copes with tensions between his current family and his elder son and Norén picks up a guy in a bar, Daniel Ferbé is contacted by the murderer. He provides Ferbé with material to support his accusations. Ferbé publishes his findings and by this triggers a public discussion about the murderer's motives. Stefan Lindberg by chance discovers the record of a young homeless woman and recognizes her as his little sister Sonja. He starts searching her, but just as he finds her she collapses. Just when Norén discovers a lead on the corpse, Ferbé is contacted by the murderer a second time.

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