fter Jackson's daughter Marlee returns to live with him, he is approached by Rachel Stewart, who is perturbed by her boyfriend Andy Marshall's frequent disappearances. Jackson follows Andy to a remote farm where he meets Miriam Baker. Miriam believes that the death of her estranged daughter, Isobel Marshall, a noted equestrian, was no accident and blames her then son-in-law -- Andy Marshall. Posing as a friend of Isobel, Jackson calls on Andy and is told by Rachel that he was having an affair with her whilst still married; and a colleague of Isobel reveals that Isobel was planning to take their son Freddie and leave Andy. Jackson discovers that Isobel was less than the golden girl suggested by her public image before working out how she died. His luck seems to be in when he wins a small fortune on a race-horse called Nobody's Darling but sadly the death of the bookmaker leads to the exposure of a scam and the winnings are frozen.

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