ackson arrives at his office to find Deborah has quit and young Aiden Kelso is waiting for him. Aiden's mother Isla was understood to have been the victim of serial killer Philip McCrory but recently the dying McCrory had owned to all the murders bar Isla's and Aiden wants the case reopened. Aiden's father Ian is evasive,painting a saintly picture of Isla when she was actually loose living and a drinker in order to protect Aiden. Having been fleeced by his girlfriend Charlotte,whom he learns is a professional con artist,Jackson bumps into old flame Julia,now heavily pregnant and who inadvertently gives him a lead which results in the arrest of Isla's killer. Jackson also tracks down recalcitrant Egyptian teen-ager Samira Minyawi,on behalf of her controlling father as Minyawi helped in the German kidnap. Having rescued Samira from her violent boyfriend Jackson dates the recently divorced Louise Munroe but feels he cannot commit to a relationship with her and goes home,eventually ending up delivering Julia's baby.

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