goraphobic chess champion, Arkady Balagan, is on the verge of eviction from the luxury hotel he calls home when the hotel's bartender, Danni, enlists his help to find a missing boy. One of the boy's distraught fathers is willing to pay for Balagan's insights. Unable to leave the hotel, Balagan seeks the help of his number-one fan, grad-student and amateur chess player, Sam, and his savvy chambermaid, Alcina, to help him solve the mystery. Was the boy taken by one of his feuding fathers or was there a more sinister motive for the abduction? He is working against the clock to find the missing boy and collect his payment before he is forced out of the hotel. Meanwhile, Pippa, the sister of Balagan's murdered fiancée, Rosemary, attempts to draw him into investigating her murder. Still grieving, Balagan finds it too painful to pursue.

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