ive new students arrive at Manchester University to share a house. The girls are the sweet-natured Josie,aggressive Vod and Oregon,who is anxious to appear ultra-cool. The boys are J.P.,an ex-public school type who failed to get into a 'proper' university and tends to look down on people and kind-hearted Kingsley,off the leash at last after years of caring for a sick mother. Already in residence is Howard,a Scotsman of indeterminate age who seems to have lived at the house longer than a second year student should. At the pub Kingsley thinks he's scored,only to realise that he was talking to a girl recruiting for a Christian group. In fact Josie fancies him but somehow ends up in the sack with J.P. Once the term has started Oregon loses no time in arguing with her English tutor though somehow Vod seems to have claimed ownership of her essay. Howard is happy to think he has some friends and is no longer a social outcast.

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