he housemates return for a new term. Howard is moon-lighting in an abattoir and bringing home cuts of loose meat which the others do not welcome. Oregon is starting as an assistant to Jean Shales in launching a new literary press,which lays her open to the sarcastic comments of Tony in tutorials since both women have dumped him. Vod is broke and borrowing money left ,right and centre. With the invisible Paul Lamb gone the students need a new house-mate. J.P. puts forward his old school-friend Giles,even though he has just discovered Giles is gay. Kingsley is all for Heather,with whom he has slept. However the room goes to the dour,humourless Dutch PhD student Sabine,since Vod told her the rents are paid directly to her and nobody has the power to stand up to Sabine when she insists on moving in.

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