osie and Kingsley spend the weekend on a camping holiday where, even though Josie fears she may be pregnant, they declare their love for each other. Vod, on the other hand, tries to ditch Javier at a shopping mall in Rochdale though he finds his way home and all the other housemates want him to stay. However he resolves the situation by moving into another house with a fellow Spanish-speaker. Howard sets out to humiliate J.P. when Sam sets a charity quiz and the house-mates enter, Howard appointing J.P. as captain in the hopes that he will come unstuck in the Captains Only round. Oregon is shocked that the quiz master is Tony Shale, whom Candice adores, but the girls pull together to place the team in a strong position. Unfortunately J.P's cheating in his solo round means that he loses both the quiz and, to Howard's delight, Sam.

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