agerto 'steal' a snake-bitten young patient from Brick, Zoe gets Wade to drive her to the site to identify the species, but gets bitten by the copperhead herself while Brick treats the child. Wade openly laughs, other locals smile or look down when Zoe decides to enter the annual gumbo cooking contest, without any culinary experience. The New York 'sceret weapon' she counted on tho cheat falls prey to the mayor's 'domestic' alligator and she hurts a hand while cleaning shrimp, but George goes behind his fiancée's back to help her shop ingredients. They are however called away to farmer Oscar Balderrama, whose limb is caught under a tipped-over field machine. To save the patient, who can't be moved safely, they must call Brick to operate with her expert instructions. He takes sole credit afterwards, yet rewards her.

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