ade and Zoe accept to be best man and maid of honor when Tom an Wanda decide on a grand Lord of the Rings-Star wars costumed grand wedding. Zoe seems inept at keeping Wanda's bothersome lush mother Betsy Maynard out of harm and the bride's way, yet ends up reconciling them with stepmother Joyce. George is on a roll resembling ADHD after winning for the town legal injunction against the neighboring mayor and his even snootier lawyer rival Scooter McGreevey's plan to build a mall on the coast. George pierces Wade's gallant ride after broken down car battery story, leading to Zoe dumping Wade after he admits a drunk, meaningless night. Cricket drags listless Lemon to a Gypsy fortuneteller, who says she already met her true love, which seems to fit town nut Dale King, but she ultimately makes up in stead with AnnaBeth .

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