hen the football team needs collective treatment for athlete foot fungus, coach begs her to talk to quarterback Max, who is a mess after his latest romantic breakup. He misunderstands that she's in to him, and all town is furious that she tells Max before the crucial next game. George needs to coax a grim Judge by offering a perfect dinner, but AnnaBeth, whom he hired as best cook, is on war footing with Lemon, who has the managerial skills, so he must get them to team up for his sake, or for good. George makes a mess if Wade's experts tips to dump a clingy ex by 'sandwich technique'. Now Lavon has been reelected mayor, he fears Ruby won't stay just for him, as she said in advance. So besides romantic efforts, he desperately tries to win her grumpy grandfather's approval, whose aversion to all her lovers he hopes to overcome by volunteering chores, but it's root cause remains.

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