n 1968 Paul and Ruth reconcile though,after Brian has boasted of sleeping with Ruth,Paul punches him. Robert tells his son he thinks he should take Ruth out of the area to make a fresh start but she is still convinced that there was more to her daughter's drowning than the official verdict,that she wandered off whilst out walking with her grandfather. In 1987,as Scott begins to have epileptic fits,Eddie brings Father Boyle in to exorcise Amy's room,though this leads to a row between Helen and Eddie,causing Amy to run away into the woods,where she is saved from falling into the lake by Olive.In 2010 both Nisha and Ruth hear ghostly noises though Ruth keeps from Nisha that she was Alice's mother. Intrigued by Mark's visits to Olive,Nisha goes to see her and learns that,as a teenager,he lost his virginity to Olive. However he left the area before Olive gave birth to a baby that died,a fact which Olive never told him. Nisha sends Mark to see her.

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