elen Bartlett comes to see Janet and tells her that over thirty years ago,as a little girl,her father Joe accidentally killed her brother Michael and forced her to bury him in their cellar. The police actually find two male corpses and DSI Julie Dodson is brought in to head the enquiry,seeing Helen as victim more than offender. More male bodies are found of which Helen claims to know nothing but Joe,on remand for killing Eunice,calls her a liar. Two witnesses come forward - a man who took Helen and her sister in to protect them from their violent parents and a former lodger of the Bevans,one of several young men picked up and abused by them,though he claims Helen was not so innocent. With her house failing to sell and seeing young Rob Masterson promoted to sergeant over her head the last thing Janet wants is Helen,drunk and upset after the press have leaked her identity,arriving at her house at night.

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