he Pope decides to go out on the streets of Rome to see what he can learn about the people. Dressed in simple clothes and accompanied by his mistress Giulia Farnese and artist Vittoria, they wander about the city. The Pope is appalled at the poverty he sees around him (and the disgusting number of pigeons) and takes Cardinal Versucci, responsible for distributing money to the poor, to task. The Pope notes the number of beautiful villas he's constructed for himself in recent years. He's ordered to do better by the poor. Paolo, the father of Lucrezia Borgia's child, arrives in Rome looking for her. He's something of a laughing stock among the street women he meets when they learn who he's looking for. Paolo and Lucrezia meet and he sees his child. Juan however has his own plans for the peasant boy. Cardinal Della Rovere recovers sufficiently from the attempt to poison him him to leave the convent where he's been recovering.

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