he Pope has not yet come to terms with the lightning strike and his new-found piety is to some just an act. Prior Savonarola's excesses continue as do his rants against the De Medicis. The Pope has a plan to deal with him. Cardinal Della Rovere's plot to poison the Pope continues with a young monk preparing to be the assassin. Cesare returns from his visit to the Sforzas and confesses his sins to his father. Cesare wants to take an army north to finish what he started but the Pope admits they do not have the resources. Now that Lucrezia is again free to marry, a new political alliance may be in the offing. Lucrezia isn't keen on re-marrying whoever her father chooses. Machiavelli is in Rome to prepare Piero De Medici's house for his arrival. Giulia, Vanozza and Lucrezia apply pressure on the Curia in order to obtain funds to house the poor.

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