uan returns from Spain with gifts: a panther from the New World for Lucrezia, which promptly bites her and something new for his father, a box of cigars. Juan is married but his pregnant wife has stayed behind in Spain. The Pope is pleased with the way his son's life has taken shape. Juan is suffering from syphilis however and seeks treatment from a doctor. The Pope puts Juan in command of the Papal army and sends him to lay siege to Forli Castle with authority to eliminate Catherina Sforza if she refuse to come to Rome. At Forli, Juan makes it clear what lies in store for Catherina should she refuse the Papal edict. Under a white flag, Juan takes her 15 year-old son hostage and tortures the boy in front of her. Ludovico Sforza of Milan comes to her assistance and surprises Juan's troops on the battlefield. Cesare is in Florence where Brother Savonarola is preaching in defiance of the Papal order. His young acolytes are going house to house collecting anything of value that can be burned in the public square. Lucrezia meanwhile agrees to meet the young Duke of Genoa but is more interested in his younger brother.

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