esare and his French army have taken control of a defenseless Milan but he is upset that the Duke, Ludovico Sforza, is nowhere is nowhere to be found. The King of France arrives displeased that someone else still has a claim to the city. The Pope orders Cesare to bring the Duke of Milan to him in chains. Arrangements are soon made not only deal with Ludovico but with his charge, Caterina Sforza's son Venito. Micheletto visits the absent Leonardo da Vinci's studio and finds a new lover who is more than he appears. In Rome, the Pope learns that Giulia Farnese has a new suitor, Vincenzo Salvatore, who she wishes to present to him.In Naples, Lucrezia's husband is third in line for the throne after his cousins Frederico and Raphael. When Raphael tells that as king he will ban her son from his court, she begins to plot against him.

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