em's father Mustapha tells him he is planning a move to Ramsgate where shop prices are cheaper but Gem feels compelled to stay and work out his debt to Vincent by drug running for him. Caught shop-lifting with drugs on him Michael tells the police they belong to Dushane. He also tells them that Kamale was killed in a house where Kayla Thomas once lived. Released with a caution he says none of this to Dushane. Dushane himself, now having sex with Rihanna, visits Joe in hospital and learns that the drugs were stolen by an Albanian gang. Sully and Mike are summoned by former hit-man Tony and offered twenty thousand pounds to kill Jermaine Newton. Since Jermaine is Sully's cousin he goes to warn him but demands twenty grand to spare him. Jermaine contacts his brother Rafe to sell his car to raise the money so Sully and Mike keep him hostage until the cash arrives.

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