nly Im Tae-joon finds delight in Kim Suk-hyun's resignation (basking in success while Suk-hyun heads out to get drunk). As Tae-joon takes over the school centennial celebration (quickly dismissing Lee Gyu-won and Lee Shin from it), students revisit the Suk-hyun/Gyu-won affair rumor and doubt its validity. As news of the resignation spreads, sponsors start pulling out; so, before finances disappear entirely, the school president orders Suk-hyun's return. Joon-hee, seeing so much harm come from the lie that Hee-joo ordered him to make, can no longer live with it and confesses. Tae-joon, now with the situation and so many turned against him, vengefully switches to a new target - Hee-joo - whom he discovers trying to mask a serious throat infection.

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